Business Process Mining: The opportunity to improve business process performance Part 1

June 6, 2017 Tim Reimer 0 Comments

testThe computing landscapes of enterprises are experiencing a significant change through virtualization and cloud computing. This is increasing the complexities of sustaining and maintaining these landscapes. The ease by which virtual servers can be created or cloned has moved the problem of “server sprawling” from the hardware level to the virtualization level. Resource limitations imposed are only driven by the actual server hardware capacity. Adding cloud computing to the equation, which proposes computing as utility and postulates theoretically unlimited resource access, expands the server-sprawling problem. Today it is not unusual for IT to add hardware or software resources in flight without disruption of services to the business. Not only that, but virtual servers can be temporarily moved to different data centres to take advantage of better pricing models. Should a business process experience degradation in performance, virtualization allows resources to be added to address the temporary bottleneck.

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It's not easy to reach for the cloud

testThe adoption of cloud solutions by businesses has gone mainstream. Companies often choose several different solutions to address various business problems. At the conception stage, such projects often seem straightforward and unlikely to present major challenges, since many of the traditional activities like hardware and software management are now integrated into the cloud solution. However, this is a misguided perception.

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Are you measuring performance of your IT strategy?

testStrategic formation and strategic thinking are household expressions and are applied to every possible scenario to underline the importance of an initiative. Workshops are conducted and consultants engaged to figure out which strategic direction is the right one and should be pursued. This is followed by compiling a strategic plan document. Once this document is compiled, day-to-day activities take over again and nobody really follows through on implementation. Most strategic plans, never having made it to the implementation stage, begin to collect dust.

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